Platform for the implementation of a future inland navigation action programme


Policy measures for green IWT

Executive summary This report presents the results of the research conducted for Task 1.5 of PLATINA3, focusing on the existing regulatory framework, policy measures, strategies and various initiatives at EU level that support inland waterway transport (IWT) development and modal shift from road to inland waterways. Specific attention is given to measures targeting decarbonization of[…]

Towards zero emission fleet

Executive summary Regulations and standards belong to the group of obvious policy instruments to support the transition to zero emissions for the IWT fleet. In fact, the legal certainty associated with regulations and standards significantly influences the ability to invest in new technologies (energy carriers / converters). Appropriate regulations and standards allow to: More generally,[…]

Integration of IWT in synchromodal logistics chains

Executive summary Greater use of multimodal transportation can substantially improve the environmental performance of freight transportation. Despite big efforts taken by policy-makers to alter the freight modal split, most companies still rely heavily on road transportation, while modal shifts to rail and inland waterways are still modest. The European transport and logistics sector is one[…]

Market development and logistic integration

Executive summary The PLATINA3 project The Horizon 2020 PLATINA3 project provides a platform for the implementation of the NAIADES III Action Plan. PLATINA3 is structured around four fields (Market, Fleet, Jobs & Skills, Infrastructure) of which Work Package 1 (WP 1) deals with various aspects of the inland navigation market, such as 1) increased modal shift and[…]

Options for shallow-water/climate resilient vessels

Executive summary Introduction According to NAIADES III, the use of the EU’s inland waterway network is currently not optimised due to the lack of coherent infrastructure and fairway quality assurance. Droughts and floods can severely disrupt transport activities by: temporarily blocking waterway sections, imposing restrictions on the amounts of loads transported, and requiring additional vessels[…]

Towards accurate European fleet data.

Welcome to the download section of PLATINA3 report D2.4 – Towards accurate European fleet data The PLATINA3 Deliverable 2.4 “Towards accurate European fleet data” was prepared under the lead of the Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine. The work concludes regarding greening of the fleet that too limited quantity of data is available today[…]

Towards implementation of a label system for EU inland vessels

Welcome to the download section of PLATINA3 report D2.6 – Towards implementation of a label system for EU inland vessels. The report is introduced by Martin Quispel, sr. expert project manager at Expertise- and Innovation Centre Barging and coordinator of the PLATINA3 project. In order to promote low/zero emission vessels, an instrument is needed to[…]

Funding and financing of the energy transition of the European IWT fleet.

Welcome to the download section of PLATINA3 report D2.5 – Funding and financing the energy transition of the European IWT fleet. The report is introduced by Laure Roux, co-author of the deliverable and working as Market and Economic Affairs Administrator at Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine (CCNR) in Strasbourg. In the video[…]

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