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Towards implementation of a label system for EU inland vessels

Welcome to the download section of PLATINA3 report D2.6 – Towards implementation of a label system for EU inland vessels.

The report is introduced by Martin Quispel, sr. expert project manager at Expertise- and Innovation Centre Barging and coordinator of the PLATINA3 project.

In order to promote low/zero emission vessels, an instrument is needed to recognise and reward such vessels. A task in PLATINA3 therefore developed options for an EU label or indexing method to express the energy and emission performance of vessels. It concludes that a big step can be made by implementing a system addressing the type of energy consumed by the vessel and the emission performance per kWh (greenhouse gasses and air pollutants). This provides a solid base of data and information.

Further synergies and functions can be added via inclusion of vessel design indicators and the productivity of the vessel (e.g. tonkilometres). It is now up to policy makers to make choices and to start implementation. All information is available in the PLATINA3 report and a brief overview is provided in a short video.

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